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Ontdek de comfortabele wereld van de padded bh

Discover the comfortable world of the padded bra

Have you ever dreamed of a bra that not only looks beautiful but also feels like you're wearing nothing at all? May I introduce you to the padded bra from Bamboo Basics. The padded bra is soft, looks beautiful, and is oh-so-delightful to wear. This is what your underwear drawer needs!

What makes the padded bra so special?

First of all, let's talk about the material. Bamboo! This seamless bra with padding is made from bamboo fibers that are incredibly soft on your skin. The fabric of the padded bra also fits your body perfectly and offers the perfect fit for everyone. High wearing comfort!

Bamboo also breathes better than cotton and absorbs up to 70% more moisture. The micro-holes in the bamboo fiber ensure that moisture is absorbed and evaporates faster. Because moisture can evaporate well, fewer bacteria form in the clothing and you prevent sweat odor. You also cool down faster due to the good evaporation and sweat less, keeping you feeling fresh. This makes the bra ideal for warmer days and long walks.

The other benefits of the padded bra Fleur:
  • Seamless design: say goodbye to irritating seams that poke through your clothing. This seamless bra with padding ensures less visibility under tight clothing.
  • Soft padding: the padding provides light support and is removable, convenient for washing!
  • Colors that suit every skin type: classic black, a natural tan color, or soft pink, there is always a color that matches your skin type. Check out the colors of the seamless bra here.
Why choose a padded bra from Bamboo Basics?

Besides the fact that the padded bra is super comfortable, the bra also offers that little extra support due to the padding. This is light support, great for lounging at home, doing yoga exercises, or taking a walk. The padding is made of soft material that moves with your body. The padding is removable, extra convenient for washing. Check out all the seamless bras from Bamboo Basics here.