Silky soft

The bamboo fabric falls smoothly and feels silky soft. The structure has no hard or sharp parts that can irritate the skin. This is due to the round surface of the bamboo fibers. High wearing comfort! Underwear should feel like a second skin, which is why many of the Bamboo Basics items are seamless, which provides even more comfort.

Good for your skin

Do you have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies? Then bamboo underwear is perfect! Bamboo is hypoallergenic. An allergen is a substance that causes allergic reactions in people. Hypoallergenic means that there are fewer substances in a product that you can have an allergic reaction to.

Thermal comfort

Bamboo textiles are warming, but are also breathable. In summer, bamboo has a cooling effect and in winter it is warmer than cotton. The open structure of the fibers ensures this. This thermo function works for both warm and cold periods. This means that you can also enjoy your favorite bamboo underwear in colder periods.

UV protection

If your body is exposed to too much UV radiation, this can have negative consequences for your health in the long term. Bamboo is naturally UV protective and filters 98% of harmful UV rays. By wearing bamboo clothing you can protect your body from the sun.


Despite their softness, bamboo fibers are strong, giving the clothing a long lifespan. The fabric does not wrinkle, is antistatic, dimensionally stable and can simply be washed in the washing machine. You can wash your Bamboo Basics items often without the quality deteriorating. We focus on basic styles in high-quality, non-fashion-sensitive colors. This way we ensure that customers can use our items for a long time and do not get tired of them quickly.

No sweat

Bamboo absorbs up to 70% more moisture than cotton. A bamboo t-shirt is therefore an anti-sweat shirt. The micro holes and hollow bamboo fibers ensure that moisture is quickly absorbed and evaporated. This keeps the clothing feeling dry, even with exertion. Read more about our antiperspirant T-shirts.

Perfect fit

The combination of elastane and organic cotton with bamboo ensures both a strong fabric and a perfect fit. We add organic cotton to a number of items to prevent the underwear from loosening. In addition, the bamboo ensures that the items remain soft and strong. And because bamboo is naturally very strong, our products remain beautiful even after frequent washing!


As soon as you take our T-shirts out of the washing machine, they are virtually wrinkle-free. The structure of the fiber is smooth and round, which ensures that the clothing feels extremely soft and naturally wrinkles less. Just say 'bye' to your iron, because ironing is no longer necessary.