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Maak kennis met bamboe dames slips

Meet bamboo women's briefs

Are you looking for comfortable yet stylish women's underwear? Then Bamboo Basics women's slips are a great choice. These slips have a perfect fit due to a mix of bamboo and elastane and are also sustainable! In our webshop, you will find various types of women's slips. To make your choice even easier, we have listed them in this blog. This way, you can immediately see which women's slip suits you best.

Women's slips

Seamless Waist Slip Tess

Bamboo Basics - Seamless Waist Slip Tess - Black

These slips are seamless, so you hardly notice you're wearing them. Additionally, the slip is not visible under your clothing because it follows the lines of your body. Seamless underwear is a great choice for anyone looking for extra comfort!

Seamless Hip Slip Chloe

Bamboo Basics - Seamless Hip Slip Chloe - Black

This slip is also seamless, giving you extra comfort and no visible lines under your clothing. The difference with the Waist Slip is that it sits more towards the waist, while this one sits on the hip. It's all about what you find comfortable.

Waist Slips Julia

Bamboo Basics - Waist Slips Julia - Black

The unique feature of this slip is that it has a narrow band without the Bamboo Basics logo. For the rest, the slip is as you expect from us: comfortable and soft, and it sits more towards the waist.

Hip Slips Mila

Bamboo Basics - Hip Slips Mila - Black

This slip sits a bit higher on the side and thus on your hips. This slip also has a narrow band without the Bamboo Basics logo and is comfortable and soft.

Slips Yara

Bamboo Basics - Slips Yara - Black

Finally, the ultimate basic women's slip! This slip has a wide band with the Bamboo Basics logo and is perfect for anyone looking for everyday underwear.

Bamboo women's underwear

All women's underwear from Bamboo Basics is made from a mix of elastane and bamboo, giving the slips a perfect fit. The underwear fits nicely to your body and is also very comfortable. Using bamboo for the production of underwear has several advantages. Bamboo is a fabric that is both warming and breathable, making it suitable for both summer and winter! Additionally, bamboo is very strong, so the underwear stays looking good even after many washes.

Which women's slip is your favorite?

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