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Duurzame cadeaus onder de 15 euro

Sustainable gifts under 15 euros

The holidays are coming, and it's never too early to start Christmas shopping. Need help finding a gift? For those who always have socks or underwear on their list or for the sustainable clothing lover, finding great gifts doesn't have to be difficult! We give you ten tips for sustainable gifts under 15 euros.

Bamboo Socks

For years, socks have been in the top 10 most requested Sinterklaas and Christmas gifts. Convenient too, because there's not much that can go wrong. But you can consciously choose sustainable bamboo socks. The bamboo socks from Bamboo Basics are comfortable and super soft. The socks have a unisex fit and are suitable for both men and women. An ideal gift under 15 euros!

Comfortable Home Office Outfit

A house suit doesn't give a good impression during video calls. But we still want a comfortable and neat outfit when working from home. With the very soft and perfect fit bamboo clothing, you have a very comfortable home office outfit. Make someone happy with these long-sleeve t-shirts for women and men. They look good and feel great, making them ideal for the home worker.

Women's Underwear

Beautiful lingerie is also often given as a gift. Unfortunately, you sometimes pay too much for a nice set. Bamboo Basics has beautiful basic women's underwear with a luxurious sheen and extra comfort due to a soft waistband. Women's slips and women's strings made of bamboo are also affordable. The women's underwear is available in 2-pack or 3-packs. Just above 15 euros, but you make someone happy with multiple items.

Sporty Underwear

With the thermal comfort of bamboo clothing, you are never too hot or too cold. The long-sleeve t-shirts, women's and men's singlets are ideal items to wear for a sporty outing. For example, they are very comfortable under a ski jacket. You will be warm and have a nice basic outfit you want to be seen in. A great gift for a ski lover!