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Compressie sokken sport

Compression socks for sports, travel, but also for everyday use

A new Bamboo Basics product is on its way. You can use it for sports, travel, but you can also wear the products daily. We are getting various versions of our new MAX compression socks: the sport, travel, and daily variants.

Compression socks offer many benefits. They stimulate blood circulation in the muscles, so the muscles are supplied with fresh oxygen faster. The sport compression socks, travel, and daily variants help conserve energy and reduce the risk of muscle pain and injuries. The compression socks provide extra stability for both the calf and the Achilles tendon.



The MAX DAILY socks are specially made for daily use and to prevent tired or sore legs. Do you have a standing job? Then these are the perfect socks! They ensure that you have less tired and sore legs at the end of your workday.


The MAX SPORT compression socks are ideal for many different sports such as running, padel, tennis, but also crossfit, cycling, or rowing. The sport compression socks are also perfect for team sports like hockey or soccer. The compression socks reduce muscle pain, muscle tissue damage, and prevent injuries. The sport compression socks come in black, gray, and navy. If you want to prevent injuries and cramps during sports, the sport compression socks offer a solution.


Do you travel regularly and often suffer from swollen feet and ankles? Then the MAX TRAVEL variant offers a good solution. When you have to sit for a long time on a plane or car, there is a chance that you will suffer from swollen feet and ankles. The travel compression socks ensure optimal blood circulation and oxygen capacity to the muscles in the legs, and they also work preventively against travel thrombosis.

In addition to all the above benefits, the socks also have the same advantages as our other bamboo items and are unisex, so suitable for both women and men.

Good to know! The sizes of the innovative support socks are different from regular socks. The calf circumference is leading. You measure the circumference of your calves at the widest part.

Now you are naturally very curious when the compression sports socks, travel socks, and daily socks will be online. Unfortunately, we have to be patient until the end of March... But we promise the wait will be worth it :).