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Thuiswerk-proof: een comfortabele thuiswerk outfit

Work from home-proof: a comfortable work from home outfit

A day in the home office without video calls, you prefer to stay in your pajamas all day. However, it remains important to have a daily routine to maintain workflow. Bamboo Basics shows you how to stay comfortable and still look neat. This way you are work-from-home-proof!

Work-from-home outfit for women

Bamboo Basics has an extensive range of comfortable and beautiful basics for women. With our basics, you meet the work-from-home dress code every day. A comfortable outfit starts with the bottom layer with comfortable women's underwear. We also recommend wearing comfortable undergarments. If you're looking for tops with thinner straps that are not visible under your clothing, then bamboo tops and singlets are ideal! With the perfect fit, the tops fit well and are very comfortable to wear as undergarments. The singlets are perfect to combine with a nice blouse, sweater, or cardigan.

Especially women get cold because they sit still behind the laptop all day. Then an extra layer of clothing is not a bad idea. This helps you better than constantly turning up the heating. You are also being sustainable! You stay warm with the thermal comfort of our bamboo basics for women. The open structure of the bamboo fibers ensures that bamboo clothing is warmer than cotton clothing. The bamboo textile is pleasantly warm, but at the same time breathable.

To keep the comfortable feeling all day long, you want close-fitting clothing that is neither too tight nor too loose. The perfect fit of our bamboo clothing ensures that the shirts and singlets fit your body perfectly. Now you have an excuse to buy new clothes during this time! Shop here for your comfortable work-from-home outfit.

Work-from-home outfit for men

Don't forget that your work-from-home outfit directly affects your productivity. You don't want to feel too relaxed like in your pajamas, but a suit is of course unnecessary. Put on something comfortable made of bamboo and you will be productive all day. A long-sleeve t-shirt made of bamboo gives you thermal comfort and looks neat. This basic item is ideal to wear so that you look presentable for video calls.

Combine your long-sleeve t-shirt with our bamboo socks for extra comfort. The socks are very soft and with thermal comfort, you never have too cold or too warm feet. All these new work-from-home clothes are not a strain on your wallet. The bamboo basics for men remain beautiful for a long time and are affordable. One more tip: do wear pants with your long-sleeve t-shirt. We want to avoid the situation where you appear in front of the camera in your boxers. Shop here for our long-sleeve t-shirt.