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Een veelvoorkomende frustratie: een te kort t-shirt

A common frustration: a t-shirt that is too short

For the tall ladies among us: we have the solution for your too-short t-shirt! The Dutch are the tallest people in the world. So what do we want? Long basic t-shirts. Bamboo Basics not only has long t-shirts for men, but we also have long basic items for women. For the tall ladies among us, the long t-shirts from Bamboo Basics are a must-have!

Long t-shirts for women

Maybe you’ve already searched the internet for ways to stretch a cotton t-shirt or looked for affordable and beautiful long basics, probably without success. Additionally, you have high standards for a perfect basic: it must be comfortable, look good, and stay beautiful. Bamboo Basics has bamboo clothing for women with a great fit, long model, and high comfort.

Our long t-shirts for women have a perfect fit. Thanks to the combination of bamboo fiber with elastane, the shirts from Bamboo Basics fit your body perfectly. There’s no longer a need to pull your t-shirt down throughout the day. Besides the long model of the shirts, bamboo t-shirts do not ride up.

The most important thing is that a basic feels good. The long t-shirts for women are made from bamboo fibers. Due to the round structure of the fibers, the fabric feels smooth and soft. Additionally, the fabric is hypoallergenic, so you’ll make your skin happy with our bamboo basics!

Women generally feel cold more quickly than men. That cold is a thing of the past with the thermal comfort of our bamboo clothing. Bamboo fabric is cooling in summer and keeps you warm in winter. This makes the long t-shirts for women ideal for layering.

Bamboo clothing for women

Bamboo Basics has an extensive range of bamboo clothing specially for women. The bamboo clothing for women has a perfect fit and fits well. Especially for women, we have various tops and t-shirts so you can easily find the perfect basic. Check out our favorite items below or shop directly in our webshop.

Bamboo t-shirts for women

Our bamboo t-shirts for women have a beautiful long model and high comfort. These white and black t-shirts are ideal for layering or as a beautiful basic to combine.