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Anti Zweet Shirt van Bamboe

Anti Sweat Shirt from Bamboo

Bamboo can absorb up to 70% more moisture than cotton! A bamboo t-shirt is therefore an anti-sweat shirt. The micro holes and hollow bamboo fibers ensure that moisture is quickly absorbed and evaporates. As a result, the clothing remains dry even during exertion.

Bamboo shirt

No t-shirt can prevent you from sweating entirely. Sweating is natural and necessary; your body uses sweating to cool down. As long as moisture can evaporate well, bacteria have less chance to form, and that typical sweat smell is prevented. Bamboo t-shirts have a breathable function due to the bamboo fiber. Since moisture can evaporate quickly, your clothing stays dry longer, and you feel fresh longer! Do you often suffer from an unpleasant sweat smell and/or sweat stains in your shirt? Choose an anti-sweat bamboo shirt.

The thermal comfort of a bamboo shirt

Bamboo fibers have a hollow structure. This has the advantage that the fiber can retain enough warm air, but at the same time, these fibers can let air through, allowing moisture and excess warm air to escape. This ensures that bamboo shirts have a cooling effect in summer and are warmer than cotton in winter.

Range of bamboo T-shirts

Our anti-sweat bamboo shirts have an extra-long fit as standard. Even if you move a lot, they stay in place! The shirts can be worn under a shirt but also as a casual shirt. In our collection, you will find men's bamboo T-shirts with a V-neck or a round neck and shirts with short and long sleeves. The men's T-shirts are available in black, white, navy blue, and army green. We also have a slim fit anti-sweat shirt for men. For women, we also have a bamboo T-shirt with a round neck. The women's bamboo shirt is available in black and white. See below for some of our anti-sweat shirts.