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Bamboo Basics, ook voor lange mensen

Bamboo Basics, also for tall people

Are you part of the club of tall men? Good news! Bamboo Basics is now also for the tall man or the man who just finds an extra-long T-shirt a bit more comfortable.

We had already expanded the collection a while ago with the Ruben Long Fit in Black and White, but now the Velo is also available in both colors in a Long Fit model. The shirts are 5 cm longer in all sizes than our regular T-shirt. The bamboo shirts are ideal to wear under a shirt, but also as a casual T-shirt.

It's good to know that the Long Fit models are not a replacement for the regular models but an addition to the Bamboo Basics collection.

RUBEN Long Fit

This is the RUBEN Long Fit. This 2-pack contains two black Bamboo Basics long fit T-shirts with a round neck.

Bamboo Basics - Long Fit T-Shirts Ruben round neck - Black

VELO Long Fit

The extra-long T-shirt is now also available with a V-neck! This is the VELO Long Fit. This 2-pack contains two white Bamboo Basics Long Fit T-shirts with a V-neck. With a bamboo T-shirt, you are guaranteed to feel fresh all day!

Bamboo Basics - Long Fit T-Shirts Velo V-neck - White

Do you prefer colors? At the end of September, both the Ruben and the Velo will be available in the colors Army, Navy, and Grey Melange. And the women can't be left behind, of course. We are currently busy with the production process of the Kate Long Fit.