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Hip, Hipper, Hipster ondergoed

Hip, Hipper, Hipster underwear

We all agree on this: underwear should be comfortable. Besides comfort, we also think it's important that your underwear is not visible under clothing and looks nice. Bamboo Basics has a wide range of sustainable underwear for men and women. Boxers, slips, hipster underwear, and strings in black or white. Beautiful basics that are incredibly comfortable!

Comfortable underwear

Sustainable underwear doesn't have to be boring. On the contrary, the hipster underwear from Bamboo Basics is trendy! The bamboo fabric is soft and has a subtle shine that gives it a luxurious look. Don't worry, due to the good quality, your underwear will stay nicely white or black after washing.

Not only is the look attractive, but the comfort of the hipster underwear is also great. For underwear, we find wearing comfort the most important. The bamboo fabric is soft and flexible, making you hardly feel like you are wearing underwear. Additionally, the hipster underwear has thermal comfort. Bamboo textile is pleasantly warm but also breathable. For people who sometimes suffer from irritated skin, that is a thing of the past with bamboo underwear. Bamboo is hypoallergenic. So if you have sensitive skin, this hipster underwear from bamboo is a perfect choice for you!

Sustainable underwear not visible under clothing

Even if you look great, nothing looks good when your underwear is visible under your clothing. Hide those annoying panty lines by choosing a bamboo alternative. The hipster underwear from Bamboo Basics has a perfect fit.

Thanks to the combination of elastane and cotton with bamboo, it has an extra strong fabric and a nicely fitting shape. Bamboo Basics has been smart: the waistband is also made of soft material that leaves no marks. This makes it not only comfortable but also not visible under your clothing. You don't want to need new underwear for every new clothing item. The hipster underwear from Bamboo Basics is an ideal solution!

Bamboo Basics hipster underwear is comfortable, looks nice, is not visible under clothing, and above all, is sustainable. Due to the good quality, the softness does not get lost after many washes. Bamboo underwear has a very long lifespan and is therefore your affordable alternative to what you wear now. Shop here for your sustainable underwear: