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Sport compressiesokken voor dames en heren

Sports compression socks for women and men

Compression socks offer many benefits. The socks stimulate blood flow to the muscles, providing them with fresh oxygen more quickly. The socks help conserve energy and reduce the risk of muscle soreness and injuries.




How do compression socks work?

Sports compression socks are designed to apply extra pressure to the lower legs. They improve blood circulation in the legs and provide stability and support to the calves and feet during running, walking, or cycling.

The Bamboo Basics compression socks for athletes also reduce pain during training and promote faster recovery after training. The tight fit reduces movement and vibration of the calf muscle, thereby lessening the strain on the shinbone. And the socks help prevent injuries!

Gravity causes blood and fluids in the body to flow to the feet. The body can use all the help it can get to pump it back up. That’s why the highest compression is at the ankles, ensuring enough pressure is applied from the ankles to push the blood back up. This promotes optimal blood circulation and reduces the chance of injuries or muscle soreness.

For whom?

The sports compression socks are for both men and women. The socks can be used as running socks for both men and women, as well as for other sports such as skiing, padel, hockey, or tennis. They are perfect hiking socks, ski socks, or cycling socks. Suitable for every sport!