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Bamboo Basics x Circular Made

Bamboo Basics x Circular Made

Bamboo Basics has included in its assortment styles that are made from Circular Made Fiber; a fiber made from post-consumer textile waste. By using fewer new raw materials, we reduce the ecological impact and strive for more circularity in the fashion industry.

Discarded clothing as raw material

After a long development process, we have succeeded, as one of the first, in making items from post-consumer textile waste, combined with bamboo. Circular Made Fiber, together with bamboo, creates a wonderfully soft and comfortable product that is even more sustainable!

In the Netherlands alone, 100 million kilos of textiles end up as waste every year. Bamboo Basics wants to change this together with Circular Made. We use that waste as a raw material, ultimately helping to reduce textile waste mountains.

Why choose Circular Made?

Stay ahead
By choosing a Circular Made product from Bamboo Basics, you stay ahead in innovation and sustainability. The first T-shirts and underwear made from clothing waste, mixed with the fine properties of bamboo, you can now wear!
Gentle on the skin
The Circular Made fiber creates an extra soft fabric that, like bamboo, is also suitable for sensitive skin.
Moisture regulation
The Circular Made fiber absorbs moisture more efficiently than cotton and supports the body's natural temperature regulation.
Long-lasting quality
The Circular Made fiber is very strong and delivers long-lasting quality. That is another reason why you choose Circular Made.
More circularity
We want to strive for more circularity in the fashion industry together with you. This contributes to our vision: accelerating the transition to a fair and non-polluting fashion industry.

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